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Case Study Planning Approvals

approved2South Australia’s planning legislation considers development proposals within three categories. Relatively simple forms of development of the type envisaged within the relevant zone are generally categorised as ‘Complying’ development and receive automatic approval subject to meeting the Development Plan’s minimal requirements.

Most development falls within the ‘Merit’ category requiring a more detailed assessment by the planning body and also possibly advertising. A more rigorous form of assessment involving input from both the local council and the state government is reserved for ‘Non Complying’ development.

Dawley Projects was engaged to provide advice and secure approval for a rural land division. The application was Non Complying in that one of the two new allotments would be smaller than the minimum size set out in the Development Plan. Nevertheless the resulting land division provided a better overall planning outcome than would be the case through rigidly sticking to the plan.

The company’s involvement included guiding the proposal through various stages including lodgement of electronic documents and plans. preparation of planning reports, public advertising, responding to representations, preparation of a Land Management Plan, representation at the Council’s Development Assessment Panel hearing and securing the approval of the State’s Development Assessment Commission.  


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