We have the skills, experience and people to deliver your project on time and on budget. Whilst our reputation and success is built around productivity and efficiency. Dawley Projects’ core values emphasise high quality standards, satisfying our clients vision and putting safety first in everything we do.


Our services

We believe that there are benefits to be gained through integrating the design and construction process.  Nevertheless many clients choose to engage their architect/designer separately.

If this is the direction you take we can work with you in a number of ways:

Tendered contract
This is where we are entirely responsible for undertaking the project and it is our job to engage the relevant subcontractors and suppliers.

Project management
If you choose be more closely involved in the project and engage the trades directly then we can provide project management services. This will typically involve supervision of the individual subcontracts and meeting the legal requirements of the building works supervisor.

Contract administration
It may be that there is already a builder engaged on the project. In such instances we can assist by providing contract administration services, monitoring the project on behalf of the client and ensuring that budget and quality standards are met.